Time is like a wheel, It always step forward and leave everything           behind. There’s a time to meet the new thing and there’s a time to leave it. also like a friendship that we have created. The friendship that we started 4 years ago in our beloved campus or longer than that time. Many memories, many experiences that I have taken with all of you.

Now, I must face the new future of my life, sometimes, I feel hard to say goodbye with my past. But I must realize that life is always going forward. One thing that I can do is learning from my past, from the moments that we have created together. It’s like a book that we read. Sometimes, it’s really exciting when we read one of the chapter behind. Moreover it makes me to stand only at that chapter, not only read but also to learn many things, but every books have some chapters that I must finished. I can’t stop at one chapter because if I only read one chapter clearly, I can’t understand the whole of problem that the book’s explained. But if I continue my reading process to next chapter, I can understand the real problems. Moreover I can get the solution to solving the problems that’s explained briefly in the previous chapter.

Same as my life now, even it’s hard to take a step to other process, I must do it, meet new things, new challenges, new friends, and new experiences. After I take all of things, Hopefully, I can contribute to others someday…., with giving….giving…and giving to others and seeing the past with smile.

So..let’s enjoy the life itself…

Learn from the past to face the future….

and remember that our moments will be the precious experiences…