as we know that one of the serious problems in Jakarta is the heavy traffic which is estimated to cost at least $ 1,4 billion a year in lost Productivity (AsiaSentinel). Moreover the traffic itself affects the other problems such as pollution, Opportunity lost of time, and so on. Based on this problem, some of the alternative ways have been tried, but It still solved nothing in significant way. We can see the MRT Project that stopped in the process, (although government will continue this program, but we don’t know when the program will be finished), Also we know that the government will increase the tariff of parking area at least five times than the normal tariff (for the strategic area of business). But we still don’t know how effective they are.

Learnt from developed countries, there’re many ways to solve the problems but whether it’s appropriate or not will be the problem itself. Actually, the main program to reduce the traffic is developing infrastructures in public transportations. It doesn’t only talk about the good transportations that will be used but also the information systems which giving us the accurate information in using the transportations.

In developed countries, The government implement the public transportations based on the geographic condition so it’s common if there’re differences in developing public transportation in each country. For example, we can see the differences in developing public transportations between germany (berlin, hamburg), france (paris), Switzerland (geneva). In germany, there’re some transportations that integrated to each other especially in City rail systems. The City rail systems in germany have good infrastructure like station (it called bahnhof) with the other supporting system that make us easy in using the city rail. The city rail itself consists of the Cityrail electric trains (S-Bahn) and Underground metro (U-Bahn). In the station, we can see the complete information about the route of the train and we can buy the ticket from the machine or office in the station. also, the ticket itself can be used to S- bahn and U-bahn. I called it “one ticketing system” that divided into 3 areas, Area A (inner suburbs), area B (outer suburbs) or Area C (far outer suburb). So we can buy the ticket depend on our destination. If our destination in area B we just need to buy the ticket in Zone AB or if we’ll go around in flexible way, we can buy the ticket in zone ABC. One ticketing system makes us easy to using the city rail because we don’t need to confuse about the direction of our destination. Beside that, the ticket itself has variety of types such as short trip ticket, one day ticket, and periodical ticket. Moreover the city rail itself operates 24 hours and on time guarantee. We can see in the board when the train will come and the destination also the number of platform where the train is. That’s why, most of people prefer using a city rail than car. I can get this conclusion because I saw the street is not crowded (doesn’t like in Jakarta:p).

In Paris, The city rail is not good as the city rail in berlin. It sometimes get the strike of system that make the train off. also the station is not good as berlin in the cleanliness. also the city rail isn’t 24 hours , that’s why people more using their car. It makes the street too crowded (but it’s better if we compare with jakarta, hehe..). with this condition, the public transportation that developed in here like taxi has more number if we compare with Berlin. It related with the city rail that only operated until midnight. Overall, the city rail in paris still used for reducing the heavy traffic. same as berlin, Paris have the ticketing system for short trip, one day trip, and periodical trip. The difference is we can buy the ticket that include buses and Trem beside the train itself.

In geneva, based on the geographic condition, wa can not see the city rail like in berlin or paris but we can see more of number in buses and trems. People is prefer to using trem or bus than the car itself because there are many traffic light along the street and the traffic light will change in short time. Apart from this condition, Geneva and the other city in Switzerland have excellent in inter-city rail system, we can go to other city easily with fast train.

Beside having good infrastructures, those countries implemented the high tax for car and there’re very limited for free parking area, so “you need to pay if you want parking your car”. With this condition, people is less using their car even the car is not expensive. also the policy for having vehicle is very strict.

From the background above, maybe the first thing that must done is Monorail that stopped in the process. also we need to develop the information system and the ticketing system to make us easy in using that monorail when the monorail will be operated someday. moreover the route of monorail must reach the strategic area, at least the business area itself.

For the existing transportation system, government must repair it because we still don’t have good standardization in public transportation like buses (metromini, kopaja) and also the terminal. The main point is when the government can make the public transportation system more comfortable than using a car, people would prefer to use public transportation indirectly.

and the next question is “with the complicated problems in Jakarta, where we should start to solve the transportation problem?”

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