Give something back means that we give something after we take something from somewhere. It seems just only simple words but actually it has bigger impact than we have thought. Sometimes, people don’t really understand about this because normally, many people think what they got because their effort and didn’t think about giving something deeply. It means that when we give more to others, our opportunities will be decreased. The effect is we only have a few capital to get more opportunities in the near future.

In the context of business, Giving something back has different effect from what we thought. Also we know this thing with the social venture network or Corporate Social Responsibility. We know that when we give something to others means that we have opportunity lost. But actually, it has great impact in the future. This method can develop the sustainability for places where we got the opportunity. Many companies has used this method to driven their business.

Being socially minded does give the company an edge, we can get the other message across there’s also benefit to the local community. Perhaps giving away all our profits isn’t what we had in mind. After all, the idea doesn’t appeal to large numbers of people in business. Eventhough, it’s enough to add value through the product or services that we provide and to operate in ways that consistent with company’s values. But thinking that, giving something back may not be the main of strategy to the business models. It’s just one of many ways to integrate company’s values into their business. So.. the other things that we will get are only extra.