Talking about energy management means related to energy needs in the present and future energy supplies. It means the necessary of long-term planning in the management of national energy where described in the Blueprint of National Energy Management. But in the running  of this program, there are some problems that inhibit the achievement program itself. It affects the energy crisis which influence the condition of society. An example of primary energy problems can be seen from the case such as increasing in electricity tariffs in force in july 2010 and is planned to happen again in 2011. This happens because several factors as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Fishbone Diagram Related to the problems of Energy Crisis

Related with this problem, the renewable energy for effort of optimization energy is needed. The potensial of renewable energy which developed in indonesia is Geothermal energy because Indonesia has a lot of geothermal supply. Beside that, the geothermal energy management isn’t related to levels of fluctuating world energy market price. It can be happened because the geothermal energy itself isn’t a commodity like oil or gas. The potental area of geothermal energy development based on ministry of energy and mineral resources can be seen in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Potential of Geothermal Energy in Indonesia

Until today, the using of geothermal energy is still low because some factors such as the legal certainty of investment that hasn’t been clear as the value of electricity sales, the high of investment costs that investors must taken, and the risks that may results in development of geothermal energy infrastructure. The utilization of geothermal energy that still low make some difficulties in facing the energy crisis that occurred at this time. It means that we need  a policy in the near future for preparing it like infrastructure of shifting energy from oil to gas. In the other hand, the purpose of this program is to ensure the achievement of energy mix that listed in the 2025 National Energy Management Blueprint.

Shifting energy use from oil to gas today is very important because the problems itself affect the stabilization of state budgeting in subsidize energy. For example the budget which can be used to develop the renewable energy wouldn’t meet because the budget itself is used as a subsidy to buy the oil from international market which is too expensive.

Selection of natural gas as a substitute for oil in the near future due to still pretty much potential and there are gas reserves in Indonesia. Besides, the management of the gas is not good, so needs a revamping in the near future to address the energy crisis that occurred in Indonesia today.