New year is one of momentums that we will pass by. Here, we should evaluate everything that we’ve done. We can see what we’ve got and what we’ve lost then make the past experiences into the precious ones to face the future in ourlives.

It makes us more ready to meet problems coz we also know how to approach the problems itself. We will have steps ahead to solve it then we will get that the problems will be solved with our hand. But, the problems that will come to us is not only same. It will be different from the past experiences. So..we must find the way to solve it. But, sometimes, We will have hard feeling to face it, it’s okey while we have the spirit to finish it by ourselves. The problem comes when we give up with the problem itself. It means “we have died before we try with everything that we have”.

being a good person, we must prepare to face the problems. One of preparations that we must have is “spreading up our wings”. with this “wings” we can fly higher to see the whole problem then we can focus for the detail. this approach give us the priority to solve the problem. Besides, we can make it sure that the problem will be finished step by step.