life is always running and we will always follow the flow of life. This suggests that we unconsciously have missed the opportunity and chance in our lives. Here, we can decide about the things that will be missed, but actually, we don’t realize how to prevent it until it happened, again and again…, so…think about the time that we’ve passed!

it can be happened when we just do something in ourlives as a water that flow from higher places to lower places but don’t expect where the destination itself, can be a good or bad. In reality, we just do something completely when we meet the problems. at a glance, it doesn’t look wrong, but, if we think deeper, it can be a problem coz we don’t have visions.

It makes ourlives become very ordinary. nothing have passion or desire to achieve something. It makes the life itself growing dull. no passion to get the goals. with this, we can expect about the outputs, a little effort..then the output will be slightly!

Thinking about the life if we just make the same things, again and again…, we just only get a lil’ experience in ourlives, calculate it with the time that we’ve passed. The results will completely not balance (negativity, outflow is more than inflow).

That’s why we need to make ourlives become extra-ordinary with optimizing our effort, start from the simple thing, willingness. hold it, day by day, then make our vision closer, describe the details how to achieve it. then..hangin’on..hangin’on till we can change ourlives into the better ones!.